Tara's Diary Origin Celtic Knot Bead Encrusted With Swarovski Crystal - TD607


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A simple and elegant piece of Celtic knot work is central to this charm bead and on either side is encusted by Swarovski crystals in eye catching emerald which adds additional style to the traditional knot work woven around the bead, making it a sparkling addition to a personal charm bracelet. Cords Woven The traditional Celtic knot has been around for centuries, predating the spread of Christianity to Ireland. It has been used to add decoration to artwork, monuments, and ancient texts, and is recognizable to most people as one of the most loved Celtic symbols. The woven cords of the knot design symbolize the eternal nature and cycle of life, as the knots are without a clear beginning or end. The ancient Celts placed great value on the cycle of life, emphasizing that the cycle was in constant motion, and always moving forward. Classic Sparkle With its classic design and sparkling allure of the crystals from Swarovski, this Celtic Knot Bead is a stunning addition to a matching sterling silver charm bracelet from the Tara's Diary Origin collection, or will serve as a pop of luxury when placed on a colorful leather bracelet, also available from the collection.