Tara's Diary Origin Shamrock Bead Encrusted with Swarovski Crystals - TD603

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Origin of the Tara's Diary collection offers breathtaking charms available nowhere else, and this sterling silver bead is no exception. An elegant shamrock form modelled in silver is encrusted with Swarovski crystals. This bead slides onto any one of Origin's bracelets to join the other charms that form the owner's personal storyline. The shamrock, a beloved national symbol of Ireland, emphasizes the role that the trinity plays in the country's heritage. The tri-leaved clover may hold holy significance for the owner, or refer to three qualities that she tries to embody, or stand for her family's Irish roots. In any case, a shamrock so embellished would certainly serve to please and amuse. Any woman who likes a classic but punchy style would give this bead a place on her wrist. It might imply her wish to season her everyday look with extravagance, to choose the impact of decorative detail over modest simplicity. She could intersperse other crystal-studded beads amongst gold and silver charms from the Origin collection, or let this one be the sole twinkling star, the charm that speaks for the overindulgent spirit within her.