Claddagh Gift Guide

Claddagh Ring Gift Guide

Mother's Day
Valentine's Day
Wedding or Anniversary

The Claddagh's symbolic meaning makes it a popular gift for friends and family members as well as romantic partners. If you're not sure when to give the gift of Claddagh, start here by exploring our suggested Claddagh gift ideas.

Claddagh for Birthdays

Birthdays are a great time to give a loved one or family member a Claddagh ring or jewelry piece such as a necklace pendant or earrings. The qualities of love, friendship and loyalty are encompassed in every one of our products, making Claddagh a meaningful gesture for any day of the year. Choose from our selection of Claddagh birthstone jewelry for a truly special gift. We carry silver and gold rings with centered heart-shaped birthstones, gorgeous birthstone necklaces and dangly earrings containing both the Claddagh symbol and a heart birthstone representing the recipient's birth month.

Claddagh for Mother's Day

What better way to express love, friendship and loyalty than on Mother's Day? Claddagh options for Mother?s Day include birthstone necklaces for mom featuring a single birthstone to commemorate her or duplicate birthstones to represent everyone in the family. Claddagh is about togetherness and these sweet necklaces are guaranteed to convey just that.

Claddagh for Valentine's Day

We carry a variety of Claddagh pieces perfect for your love this Valentine's Day, including a wide selection of Claddagh promise rings for her. Our selection of promise rings includes sweet, unique and affordable pieces to signify your commitment intentions for the future. If promising your intentions isn't a step you're taking in your relationship, there are still plenty of other Valentine's Day options available. Choose from Claddagh bracelets, earrings or pendants, or consider our selection of Irish Celtic jewelry for something truly unique.

Claddagh for Engagement

Many couples are starting to take the non-traditional approach to engagement by choosing a ring that will be capable of representing the unique spirit of their relationship. If you and your significant other are thinking of becoming engaged, start by browsing our selection of silver and gold Claddagh engagement rings. This selection includes traditional and modified Claddagh designs designed and created by Irish artisans, and our pieces feature only high-quality gemstones and diamonds.

Claddagh for Wedding or Anniversary

Get married or celebrate an anniversary with one of our special Claddagh wedding rings. These rings are created with stunning detail, each crafted by a master artisan to ensure only the finest results. Claddagh wedding and anniversary rings are perfect for traditional Irish couples or for couples who have simply fallen in love with the traditions of Ireland. We offer single rings for men and women as well as matching his and her rings and engagement/wedding ring sets.

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