History of Puzzle Rings

History Of Puzzle Rings
The story is told that in ancient times a Turkish Nobleman was so in love with his wife that he wanted to be sure she was faithful to him while he was away. He asked his jeweler to make a puzzle ring for his wife that would fall apart when removed, and he would not tell her the solution.
Some people also refer to the puzzle ring as a Turkish Wedding Band, but it is unclear how the puzzle ring acquired this name as the Turkish people do not use the puzzle ring as a wedding band. Perhaps the name was given to the puzzle ring to tempt the service men and women stationed at the numerous US military bases in Turkey, to purchase it as a token of their love for their spouses, partners and significant others back home.
The puzzle ring has seen a resurgence of popularity over the last few years. Many baby boomers remember the puzzle ring from their youth as a silver trinket they played with. Although it is unclear where the puzzle ring was first made or how it has acquired its name our family has studied the art of puzzle ring design for over 30 years.

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