Mens 4 band HEAVY Gold Puzzle Ring MGR-4RG - Uctuk
Mens 4 band HEAVY Gold Puzzle Ring MGR-4RG - Uctuk
Mens 4 band HEAVY Gold Puzzle Ring MGR-4RG - Uctuk
Mens 4 band HEAVY Gold Puzzle Ring MGR-4RG - Uctuk

Mens 4 band HEAVY Gold Puzzle Ring MGR-4RG

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puzzle ring 4RGWhite Gold 4RG Puzzle Ring
Solid 14K Gold 4 band HEAVY Mens Puzzle Ring. Made in USA.

Bottom shank of the ring is very well designed against wear.

(It is not Hollow or Plated). Perfectly polished, excellent quality, nice looking puzzle ring.

It measures 6.5 mm (0.26") on the face and 5 mm (0.20") on the bottom.

The ring pictured above is size 12 and and weighs almost 13 grams of 14K Gold.

This is a Heavy Ring!
The quality and craftsmanship of this puzzle ring are exquisite.

Ring has a hallmark of 14K at the inner surface of the face of the ring. Available sizes 7 to 13 with half size increments.

This ring is one of our best seller.

Satisfaction is GUARANTEED!
If you are not happy we will refund your money (no questions asked!)

(Black spots on the surface of the ring picture are due to reflection of camera)

This is a puzzle ring you will pass on to your grand kids. This ring has been perfectly designed against wear specifically at the shank of the ring so it will last.


WOW! I received my ring today and OMG it is beautiful. Very unique. I will wear it with pride. My dad was in the Air Force back in the 60s and he bought a gold puzzle ring in Turkey. I always wanted one, and I am glad I picked this particular style. I have never seen one like this.The craftsmanship is beautiful. It is great.


(Feedback Submitted on June 4th, 2010)
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Customer Reviews

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He loved it!

I asked if it would be possible to have it by V-Day (Feb. 14th). Even with it being a custom order- you guys nailed it! Thanks so much. You'll be getting another order form me within the next two months.

Superior Craftsmanship

I was very reluctant to buy 4 rings sight unseen and waited a while to write this review as I expect high standards of my self and the products I purchase(part German).I also expect Value for my purchase ( part Scottish ). This ring exceeds my expectations and was purchased as a family ring to represent our family. Its beautiful in the two tone gold, its strong well built and has my full recommendation.T Jaeger Airline Pilot